get help with the xbox app on windows 10

Get help with Xbox on Windows 10

For help with the Xbox app, enter your question in the search box on the taskbar. You’ll get answers from Cortana or Bing.

Try “What’s the Xbox app?” or “What’s a gamertag?”

Get help with Xbox on Windows 10
Get help with Xbox on Windows 10

jot njot ndimbal ak xbox ci windows 10

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  1. i was playing fallout 4 on my xbox one streaming it to my laptop then all of a sudden it turned off the stream and when i went to turn it back on my console was not on the list of consoles anymore and when i try to connect it back it keeps failing

  2. I can not load the Bingo game and also sometimes when I play the solitaire games they freeze and I have to minimize the window to get them to work again. I play on Windows 10 from my PC.
    Please help.

  3. Of Late whilst playing ‘Pyramid’ or “TriPeaks” the controls becomes unresponsive and although it reports that it has recovered, you are unable to continue with the game. This gets very frustrating when it occurs just about when you are going to complete the game/challenge?????

    1. please take off the “time” version of Pyramid Solitaire. I want the “general” (untimed) version that I had before Windows 10 took over, but it keeps flipping back to “timed” version

  4. I needed to make another account on my lap top I forgot my xbox 1 email address but I remember it now how do I sign in my xbox account

  5. بعد تحمل الألعاب من ستور مايكرسوفت لا يمكن للألعاب ان تعمل بينما العابي الخاصة تعمل بشكل يد ولم اد أي حل ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  6. I cannot get to my games. It goes as far as loading then stalls there. This started yesterday, haven’t been able to play since.

  7. After completing a Daily Challenge I can’t move on to the next one without closing the app and opening again. Will not allow moving from one challenge to another.

  8. I am playing Age of Empire Castle Siege and recently encountered following problems:
    1) My Army camp total went back from 64 to 60
    2) A stable upgrade had no effect
    Can somebody please help?

  9. How do i sync my x-box 360 to this new app. It keeps asking for my x-box 1 IP address when i don’t have an x-box 1 console, I actually have 2 x-box 360 consoles.

  10. Haven’t been able to get to connect to Microsoft solitary games for the daily challenges for 2 now. Starts to load and flashes out.

  11. I upgraded my Windows7 machine to Windows10. The Xbox app is now getting an error code 5990 that the Windows background task contract failed with class not registered. I can not uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app. I tried the powershell command and completely destroyed my machine. Is there a way to fix this error or is there an update on the way?

  12. Xbox App on my phone.

    I am not interested in the social media connections. Is there a way to default the app so that when I open it the app opens directly to the My Games page?

    I really only use it to put all of my games on my phone in one place like I did with my Phone using Windows 8.1.
    I cannot find anything in the settings of the App that would do this.

  13. How do you delete a game that you downloaded to xbox on windows 10? It takes up to much memory and I dont want it any more. I want to download a different game. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance.

  14. Purchased a collection with coins in Microsoft Jigsaw. Coins were deducted but never received collection. I get kicked off site if I try to open downloadable collections.

    Any ideas?

  15. michrosoft solitaire will not update or load keeps telling me no connection to internet and itis not on my end.

  16. I keep getting an error code when I try to down load a game from the windows store. 0x800703E7
    tried to reload store app xbox app, and windows, nothing is working.

  17. cannot connect to daily challenge, I just get having a problem connecting to Microsoft and the circle goes round and round for ages. I get fed up and cancel but that has not addressed the problem. I had my connection and my router checked and the difficulty is not my end. I am using w10 on a desk top.

  18. I have tried multiple times to sign in on The Microsoft Jackpot game and it tells me wrong password or other things like game is no longer available among other answers ! My problem is I am signed in all ready for Microsoft Solitaire , Microsoft Mahjong and Microsoft itself so how can I sign in again to just one sight and when did it stop being available ? I have been playing it regularly , but it quit answering my try tom open it and I had to uninstall and reload and then I was told I could no long play ! My Email Address is [email protected] and my account name for X Box is WailingCoyote64

  19. My paid for premium edition has disappeared now that the ‘free week’ has come to an end. How do i get back the premium edition that i paid for?

  20. Cant enter a credit card to pay for changing my gamertag because it insists on a USA address. But I am in Australia.
    How do I change the gamertag?

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