how do i know whether to trust a website on microsoft edge

How do I know whether to trust a website in Microsoft Edge?

If you see a lock button next to a website’s address in Microsoft Edge, it means:
What you send and receive from the website is encrypted, which makes it difficult for anyone else to get to this info.

The website is verified, which means the company running the site has a certificate proving they own it. Click the lock button to see who owns the site and who verified it.
While a gray lock means that the website is encrypted and verified, a green lock means that Microsoft Edge considers the website more likely to be authentic. That’s because it’s using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which requires a more rigorous identity verification process.

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  2. I would like to ask Microsoft about a man, who claims to work for Microsoft, who has tried to get into my Bank Account. I had to close the old account and open up a new account. Does this happen very often and if it does, what can I do about it? The mans name is: Neil John, Telephone: 888-819-0950 Ext 114, Address: 131 U S Highway 46, Lodi, Jersey o7466.

    Thank You,
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  3. Really?! Microsoft says YouTube is encrypted? I call bullshit on this. Everybody knows YouTube is widely popular viewed website. Cut the crap in encrypting every website we go to and lock them on us! Your new internet explorer Edge SUCKS!

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