how to use alarms in windows 10

How to use Alarms & Clock app

Dismiss or snooze alarms

Alarms will sound even when the app is closed, sound is muted, your PC is locked, or (on some newer laptops or tablets that have InstantGo), in Sleep mode. But they won’t work when your PC is hibernating or off. Be sure to keep your PC plugged into AC power to prevent it from hibernating.

To snooze or dismiss an alarm:
In the notification that pops up, select Dismiss to turn it off, or Snooze to let it sound again after a short period.
If the notification closes before you get to it, select the action center icon in the lower-right corner to see it in a list and select it from there.
If your screen is locked, the alarm notification appears at the top of the lock screen, and you can turn it off from there.

What’s new

The Alarms & Clock app combines an alarm clock with world clocks, a timer, and a stopwatch. Here are a few things you can do with this app:

Hear, snooze, and dismiss alarms even when the screen is locked or sound is muted
Choose different sounds or your own music for an alarm
Compare times from around the world

World clocks

Here’s how to add a location and compare times from around the world:

In the Alarms & Clock app, select World Clock, and then New + at the bottom.
Enter the first few letters of the location you want, and then choose it in the dropdown list. If you don’t see the one you want, enter another location that’s in the same time zone.
Select Compare times (the 2 clocks at the bottom), and then move the slider to choose a new time to compare. Select a location on the map to change which place the slider is referring to.
To exit Compare Times mode, select the Back button, or press Esc.

how to use alarms in windows 10
how to use alarms in windows 10

15 thoughts on “how to use alarms in windows 10”

  1. Katherine
    I think you adjust the sound with the SPEAKER icon at the RIGHT end of the lower browser (?) where the windows icon shows at the LEFT hand side. Mine is set on 38 and seems ok for me. The time and date are also near the speaker icon. good luck.

  2. I use the timer for everything, especially poker tournaments I haven’t been late for one since. Cooking while I’m playing so I time virtually everything. The stopwatch can be used to time my typing. The kids have the timer for taking turns. And the individual ring tones help me distinguish what alarm is a reminder of every different subject I need it for, because we all loose track of time when we’re on the computer and there pleasant sounds not annoying and hard to find to dismiss. And the kids don’t stay on the computer so long because there monitored.

  3. i want to personalize my alarm sound with music i have in my file also add the InstantGo feature in the alarm PLS

  4. I don’t like that the alarm keeps going and going and never stops. I can’t see where to make it that the alarm only sounds for a minute or so. Not forever. How do I do this?

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